The vision of Assa’adah Medical Centre is simple: Strive to be a standard of excellence in PEME on Indonesian workforces intending to work abroad and domestic.

Every step in a long journey to achieve our vision is a challenging step to discover ways to perform better. We may perform similar activities as all medical centers usual done but in different ways. We do it with 3 H: “Head – Heart – Hand”. We take account of every detail and weigh them all carefully. We treat all workforces who using our services with utmost respect and passionate.Assa'adah Medical Centre

We believe that a great business start with peoples who are committed to the organization's vision, are focused on results and deliver outstanding performance.


First, we are required to fully understand the objectives / purposes of PEME, familiar with PEME and have an appropriate knowledge of the particular work factors and environment of the workplace.

The objectives / purposes of PEME are to ensure and to ascertain the examinees fit to perform the essential tasks of their job safely and effectively:

  1. Free from any infectious diseases which might cause public health implications; hence prevent the spread of diseases from examinee to their working environment.
  2. Free from any medical conditions, existing and pre-existing, which might exacerbate, worsen, recur or aggravated during periods of work.
  3. Free from any medical conditions which might affect the productivity.
  4. Free from any potentially life-threatening conditions which could result in disability and even death if cannot be controlled, and require emergency evacuation for medical treatment.
  5. Free from any permanent or progressing debilitating pathology without recovery that require prolonged treatment.
  6. Free from any illegal drugs & alcohol abuse.

The additional objectives / purposes for any health and safety sensitive jobs (high-risk jobs) are:

  1. Free from any medical conditions which might result in sudden incapacitation then could lead to an accident and would expose the incumbent and his colleague to great danger.
  2. Free from any medical conditions which could interfere with successful and safe performance and emergency evacuation.
  3. Free from being dependent on the use of medications which have side effects in sense of dizziness, alter vision and perception, reduced ability to concentrate and respond, psychological disorders or affect the circulation (hypotension / bleeding / hypoglycemia); or the sudden withdrawal of the medications (in sea sickness or emergency situation) will leads to problems.

The other objectives / purpose are:

  1. Establish baseline health data, which can be compared to future health status of the workforce. It is also a means of identifying existing medical conditions, which could be adversely affected by occupational exposures.
  2. Early detection and prompt treatment if found any disease.

Second, we are required to have in mind that we do not in competition with other medical centers, but with a general medical quality standards.

In addition to upgrade Assa’adah Medical Centre capacity to anticipate the load of work required and comply with advancement of medical science and technology, the most important activity we perform are preparing Assa’adah Medical Centre for the “capability-based competition” through continuous human resources development processes.