Human Resources

People are at the heart of our business. They all act as one TEAM (Together Everyone Accomplishes More) to make Leverage and Multiplying Effects available.

Beyond any regulatory requirements, we select our staffs strictly. They should have certain qualities such as:

  • Sincerity and commitment- a dedication to performing testing according to defined procedures.
  • Literacy- the ability to read instructions and record results.
  • Organizational skills– the quality of staff to disseminate and to delegate tasks when work volume is high and the staff is doing several tests or managing several other tasks simultaneously.
  • Decision-making skills– the quality of staff to be able to interpret results and be able to recognize and handle problems that might come up.
  • Communication skills - the quality of staff to perform the test and also shares results or other information with the examinee.

Continually improving our in-company capabilities is essential; hence, we always furnish them with training and competency assessment at periodic intervals. We think that human resources advantages will deliver performance advantages. Furthermore, the performance advantages will deliver positional advantages, competitively and comparatively.

The Medical Management Team of Assa’adah Medical Centre:

  1. Managing Director: Kazim Salim, Bsc
  2. Medical Director / Chief Physician: Dr. Rudy Kastono
  3. Assistant Chief Physician: Dr. Tohir Elharid
  4. Head of Physical Examination Department: Dr. Zamni Abbas
  5. Member of Medical Examiners:
    • Dr. Safni Meiniwati
    • Dr. Martje Doli
    • Dr. Nunik Wulandari
    • Dr. Fiantini
  6. Head of Radiology Department: Dr. Mansjurman Zubir, SpRad
  7. Assistant Head of Radiology Department: Dr. Maryastuti, SpRad
  8. Head of Laboratory Department: Dr. Faisal Mulyono Tjandra, SpPK